Nicolas Arnaud

After earning a PhD in the Virgo experiment and spending a year as a CERN fellow with the LHCb collaboration, Nicolas joined the Centre National de la Recherche Scientific (IN2P3/CNRS) in Orsay as a staff physicist.  He then began work on the BaBar experiment and for this spent four years at SLAC in California. Upon returning to France in 2009 he has been involved in SuperB, the Italian-based project of a new generation super flavour factory.  His main field of research is related to the identification of charged particles.  Nicolas has always been interested in outreach activities: lab visits for students, teachers and the general audience, exhibits, and more. The two main projects he has been a part of are 'Élémentaire' or

'Elementary', an outreach magazine about particle physics and the book 'Passeport pour les deux infinis' ('Passport for the two infinities') which provides a general audience with up-to-date information about two major research fields: the infinitely small (nuclear and particle physics) and the infinitely large (astronomy, some astrophysics and cosmology). “Outreach is not just an ‘extra’ to scientific and technical activities; it is truly an essential part of them."

Nicolas Arnaud
Physicist, Outreach Project Leader (Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire)
Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire
 Université Paris-Sud 11
 Bâtiment 200
9 1898 Orsay cedex, France