Ivan Melo

Ivan studied experimental nuclear physics at Comenius University in Bratislava. After the fall of communism, he accepted an offer from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada to start Ph.D. studies in experimental particle physics. Soon he was attracted by the temptations of theory and completed his Ph.D. in 1996 in theoretical physics. In 1997 he returned to Slovakia where he accepted a position in the Department of Physics, University of Žilina. Ivan now works on phenomenology of electroweak symmetry breaking. He became involved in the organization of the first International Masterclasses in 2005 and fell in love with the program. "It has all I enjoy in particle physics - theory, real experimental data, team work, international collaboration and work with young keen minds. I realized that the act of explaining difficult concepts in simple terms has a positive influence on my own research."


Ivan became responsible for Masterclasses in Slovakia and the main organizer of a very successful competition for high school students - Cascade projects in particle physics. Since 2007 he represents Slovakia in IPPOG. "It is very encouraging to meet IPPOG people who are full of enthusiasm. I always bring home many excellent ideas and although it is not easy to reconcile my research interests and duties with my outreach activities, I benefit from outreach and IPPOG in a big way"

Ivan Melo
Physicist, Senior researcher, University of Žilina
Department of Physics EF University of Žilina Univerzitná 1 SK - 010 26 Žilina