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A collection of high quality engaging materials e.g. videos, posters, talks, hands-on activities and more to help you share the wonders and excitement of particle physics with teachers, students and the general public. At the bottom of this page you’ll find also the collection of webpages of IPPOG members containing resources in their national languages.

Please, note, that the DATABASE is UNDER DEVELOPMENT and the resources are not yet uploaded to this website. Only few resources are available here for the illustration of the functionality.

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06 March, 2023

3D-printable Quark Puzzle

Quarks are fundamental particles in the Standard Model of particle physics. They make up...

06 March, 2023

3D-Printable Scattering Experiment

Scattering experiments (e.g. the gold foil experiment) are important research tools of...

06 March, 2023

Particle Builder Board Game

Particle builder is a particle physics board game developed by Lachlan McGinness...

04 August, 2022

3D-Printable Mystery Boxes

"Mystery boxes are a great tool to practice sci­­­entific reasoning skills and introduce...

05 August, 2022


The Quarked! project was conceived by Professor Alice Bean and a diverse team of...

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03 March, 2023

Solving the Enigma of the Universe: How we measure what we can't see

This talk was given at TEDxOporto 2016 to a large, general public audience. It attempts...


Submissions will be opened soon. You will be notified.

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