2024: Photo Contest

First IMC in Kenya

The very first IPPOG Photo Contest was organised in spring 2024, with the theme: International Masterclass (IMC).

The contributions were of very high quality but the jury had, nonetheless, to select winners ! Results were announced during the 27th collaboration meeting, organised by our Spanish colleagues in CIEMAT, Madrid:

First Prize: Stefano Marcellini, physicist and Masterclass organiser at Bologna (INFN, Italy).  Here is a  link to his photos of a particle therapy masterclass

Second Prize: the Kenyan team and Lydia Roos (CNRS/IN2P3, France) who organised the very first ATLAS Masterclass in this country. Here is a link to their photos

Third Prize ex-aequo:  the French and Mexican teams who organised a CMS Masterclass in the Ecole Polytechnique ( link to their photos ) and BUAP ( link to their photos )

Special Jury Prize: to  Portuguese team of LIP, for a timelapse of their AUGER Masterclass . The Pierre Auger Observatory joined IPPOG in 2023.

Sincere congratulations to all participants. The theme of future contests will be announced via social media and the IPPOG news letter !