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Author(s): LHCb, Outreach, CERN

Contact: ippog-info@cern.ch

Submitted by: lila.mabiala@cern.ch

Published: May 27, 2011

Film extract

LHCb Film: LHCb - The Beauty Experiment / LHCb -L'expérience de beauté

This short video for general audiences gives an overview of the LHCb experiment located on the Large Hadron Collider based at CERN. The video is narrated by LHCb physicist Tara Shears and includes comments and explanations by CERN's Andrei Golutvin (LHCb Spokesperson), Susanne Koblitz (LHCb experiment), and Richard Jacobsson (LHCb Experiment). Topics covered include the following: - Introduction to the LHCb experiment - Brief explanation of the big bang and the beginning of our universe - Explanation of matter and antimatter by CERN's Susanne Koblitz - What happens when matter and antimatter meet - The 1928 Dirak (UK) equation and how it revolutionized our thinking of our universe - 1964 discovery by Cronin (USA) and Fitch (USA) on behavior of matter and anti-matter - Introduction to the Large Hadron Collider - The LHCb experiment: what it is, what it is designed to do - Explanation of how the LHCb works, by CERN's Richard Jacobsson - What the LHCb measures - Where collected data goes and what is done with it - The international collaboration - LHCb first collisions 30 March, 2010 Produced by: Visual Media Office Director: Josiane Uwantege Director: Silvano de Gennaro 14 min.


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Particles and Their Interactions
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