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Published: November 22, 2012

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LHCb Interview - Interview with LHCb Physicist Tara Shears

CERN's Paola Catapano interviews LHCb physicist Tara Shears on 30 March 2010 when the LHC reached particle collisions at 7teV. From the LHCb control center Shears describes the excitement on the day and answers questions about LHCb. Subjects covered in the interview include what LHCb is studying, how one of the biggest mysteries of the universe is why anti-matter behaves differently than matter, the theory of "b physics," the big bang and what happened between matter and anti-matter in the early moments of our universe, definition of the beauty particle and why LHCb is studying it, and an explanation of the difference between LHCb detector and the larger detectors on the LHC. Produced by: LHCb OUTREACH Director: Josiane Uwantege 06:25 min. / 30 March 2010 / © 2010 CERN



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