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Peter Watkins

Author(s): Watkins, Peter, University of Birmingham (GB)

Contact: Peter Watkins, pmw@hep.ph.bham.ac.uk

Submitted by: lila.mabiala@cern.ch

Published: February 25, 2011

Peter Watkins

Re-Creating the Big Bang

Professor Peter Watkins of University of Birmingham, UK, gives a brief explanation of the Large Hadron Collider and the ATLAS experiment. In this short overview, he describes the following: 1. What scientists are researching at the LHC; 2. The LHC and how it works; 3. The main aims of the ATLAS experiment; 4. Why this experiment is exciting for science, for human kind; 5. The size of the ATLAS Detector; 6. The Grid- selecting events, analysis of data; 7. Connection between active research and undergraduate lectures; 8. What happens next - LHC results and future colliders.



Matter, Particles and the Universe (Known Physics)
Particles and Their Interactions
Exploring the Unknown (Beyond Known Physics)
Extra Dimensions
Technologies and Experiments
Particle Physics and Society
People Behind the Science

School Topics

Nature of science
Scientific inquiry and reasoning
Measurements and uncertainties
Structure of matter
Special topics

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